Days of the week in Arabic

Days of the week in Arabic are actually driven from the Arabic numerals. Look at the table to see how to pronounce them

Days of the week in Arabic

Arabic Transliteration English
يَوْم الأَحَد yawm mel-‘aHad Sunday
يَوْم الإثْنَيْن yawm el-ethnayn Monday
يَوْم الثُلاثاء yawm ethulathaa’ Tuesday
يَوْم الأرْبعاء yawm el-arbeAa’ Wednesday
يَوْم الخَميس yawm el-khamees Thursday
يَوْم الجُمعَة yawm el-jumuAa Friday
يَوْم السّبْت yawm as-sabt Saturday

Knowing that the word يوم (Yawm) means “day”, second words within the names of the days of the week ought to look and sound easy by now. they’re after all, associated with numbers! beginning with Sunday because the 1st day of the week, the week principally counts upward to seven. However, two days , that don’t contain numeral

These 2 days are يَوم الجمعة , (yawmm aljuma3a) or weekday and يَوم السبت (yawmm assabt) or weekday.

Islam is and traditionally has been the dominate faith for the Arabic speaking world and, in Islam, the day of rest, is Friday. On Fridays, Muslims gather at the mosques for prayer, then gather at the side of family and friends subsequently. The word for weekday الجمعة (aljuma3a), comes from the verb which means “to gather”. (aljuma3a), comes from the verb which means “to gather”. The word for weekday يَوم السبت (yoom assabt), truly suggests that “day of the Sabbath” and is wherever we have a tendency to get country word “Sabbath”.

The below table shows the Arabic numbers from Zero to Ten

The numerals used in English are of Arabic origin, but Arabs nowadays use the Hindi ones sometimes, because of business ties with India in past.

Arabic Numeral Arabic script Transliteration Number
0 صِفْر Sefr 0
1 واحِد waHed 1
2 اثنان / اِثْنَين ‘ethnaan/’ethnayn 2
3 ثَلاثَة thalatha 3
4 أَرْبَعَة ‘arbaAa 4
5 خَمْسة khamsa 5
6 سِتَّة set-ta 6
7 سَبْعَة sabAa 7
8 ثَمانِية thamaaneya 8
9 تِسْعَة tesAa 9
10 عَشَرَة Aashara 10