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What is your name? (ما اسْمُك؟)

In this lesson you will learn how to ask " What is your name?". Moreover, you will learn about The possessive adjective ,Personal Pronouns, and Question words. Dialogue: Adam meets John for first time at the university. They get to know each other.

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To ask someone: “What’s your name?” simply say: “maa esmuka?” to a man, or “maa esmuke?” to a woman. Word by word: “maa” means: (what) and (your) is a possessive pronoun, which consists of (you = ‘anta or ‘ante) with adding of “ka or ke” to give the meaning of “esmuka” for a man or “esmuke” for a woman. Remember that Arabic doesn’t express (is, are, or am) and there are two forms of you: “‘anta” to a man and “‘anti” to a woman.

English Arabic
Adam: Welcome! آدَم: مَرْحَباً
John: Hello! جون: أَهْلاً وَسَهْلاً
Adam: My name is Adam, What is your name, please? آدَم: اِسْمي آدَم، ما اِسْمُك مِنْ فَضْلِك؟ 
John: My name is John! جون:اِسْميِ جون
Adam: Are you from France? آدم: أَنْتَ مِنْ فَرَنْسا؟
John: No, I’m American from Boston. Where are you from? جون:لا، أنا أَمْريكي مِنْ مَدينة بوسطن, وَمِنْ أَيْن أَنْتَ  
Adam: I’m Egyptian, from Cairo. آدَم: أَنا مِصْري مِنْ مِدينَة القاهِرَة
John: Nice to meet you, Adam. جون: فُرْصَة سَعيدَة يا آدم
Adam: Nice to meet you. آدَم: تَشَرَّفْنا


English Arabic
name اِسْم
my  name اِسْمي
what’s your name?(for male) اِسْمُكَ
your name(for female) اِسْمُكِ
please مِنْ فَضْلِك
America أَمْريكا
from مِنْ
where أيْن
American أَمْريكِيّ
what ما
Egyptian مِصْرِيّ
Nice to meet you. فُرْصَة سَعِيدَة،
Honored to meet you. تَشَرّفْنا
Useful Vocabulary:


father أبّ
mother أُمّْ
sister أُخْت
brother أخْ
son اِبْن
daughter اِبْنَة
grandfather جَدّ
grandmother جَدَّة

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