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What do you do ? (ماذا تعمل؟)

Dialogue: Adam has met Majed once again while he was in a hurry before his lectures at the morning in the AUC (American University in Cairo). You will revise some grammar notes such as sayin "to have" ,negation"to have", Feminine Plural, and Broken Plural.

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Learn Arabic conversation and how to talk about What do you do ? (ماذا تعمل؟) in Arabic

English Arabic
Majed: good morning Adam? How are things? ماجِد: صَباح الخَيْر يا آدَم؟ كَيْف الحَال؟
Adam: I’m fine, How are you Majed? آدم: الحَمْدُ لِلَه؛ وَأَنْتَ كَيْفَ الحَالُ يا ماجد؟
Majed: I’m Fine, but it seems that you are little exhausted!


ماجد: أَنَا بِخَيْر؛ وَلَكِنْ يَبْدُو أَنَّكَ مُرْهَق قَلِيلاً
Adam: Yes Majed, I’m tired. آدم: نَعَمْ يا ماجد؛ أَنَا تَعْبَان
Majed: Sorry Adam! Tired of what?! ماجد: سَلامتك يا آَدَم! مِن ما؟
Adam: Because of work. I study during the day, and I work in the evening. آدَم: بسبب الشُغْل؛ فَأَنَا أَدْرُس في النّهَار؛ وَأَعْمَل في المَساء
Majed: What do you do?


ماجد: وَمَاذَا تَعْمَل؟
Adam: I’m working at a translation office. آدَم: أَعْمَل بِمَكْتَب تَرْجمَة
Majed: That’s good! ماجد: هَذَا جَيِّد
Adam: Yes. Excuse me Majed. I have a lecture now. آدَم: نَعَم؛ عَفْوَاً ماجد؛ بَعْد إِذْنَك؛ عِنْدِي مُحَاضَرَة الآن
Majed: Okay Adam, good bye. ماجد: تَفَضَّل؛ مَعَ السَّلامَة


English Arabic
exhausted مُرْهَق
it seem يَبْدو
I work أَعْمَل
working عَمَل
now الآن
little قليلاَ
translation تَرْجَمَة
but لَكِن
pardon / excuse me عَفْوَاَ
permission إِذْن
excuse me بَعْد إِذْنك
lecture مُحاضَرَة
God bless you! سلامَتك
possible to يُمْكِن أَن
goodbye مَعَ السّلامَة

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