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The Family (الأسرة)

In this lesson you will learn about family members and possesive pronouns.

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Learn Arabic conversation and how to talk about The Family (الأسرة) in Arabic

English Arabic
Adam: Welcome Maged. آدَم: مَرْحَباً ماجِد
Majed: Hello Adam. ماجِد:أَهْلاَ آدَم
Adam: It seems you are busy!


آدَم:أَنتَ مَشْغول
Majed: No, this is my brother Ayman. He’s a student here at the university also. ماجِد:لا,هَذِا أُخْي أيمن. هُوَ طالِب هُنا في الجامِعَة أَيْضاً
Adam: Really! Welcome Ayman! آدم: فِعْلا؟
Ayman: Hi Adam. مَرْحَبا أيمنْ
Adam: I have a brother. He also studies at the same university. أيمن:أَهْلاَ وَسَهْلا آدم
Ayman: Nice to meet you. آدم: وأنا أَيْضَا لي أَخ يَدْرُس في نَفْس الجامِعَة
Adam: Nice to meet you too. أيمن : فُرْصة سعيدة جِدّاَ
Ayman: Nice to meet you. آدَم: تَشَرّفْنا


English Arabic
extended family عائِلة
immediate family أُسْرَة
father أبّ / والِد
mother أُمّْ / والِدَة
sister أُخْت
brother أخْ
son اِبْن
daughter اِبْنَة
grandfather جَدّ
grandmother جَدَّة
boy وَلَد
girl /daughter بِنْت
busy مَشْغول / مَشْغُولة
friend صَديق / صَديقَة
with مَعَ
student (female) طالِبَة
student (male) طالِب
here هُنا
there هُناك
same نَفْس
really, truly فِعْلا
also أَيْضاٌ
also كَما أَن
I have لي
I study أدْرُس
he studies يَدْرُس

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