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Like most of the cultures all over the world, It is common practise in Arabic Culture that when you meet someone who asks you about your condition, or opens any other topic with you, to ask his /or her permission before leaving or finishing the conversation, by saying (Aafwanعفوا / baAd iThnak/ik بعد إذنك) because it’s considered rude to leave in such a way without saying anything

In this mini-course, you will learn how to talk about work in Arabic and Arabic culture awareness when asking questions

A dialogue: Adam has met Majed once again while he was in a hurry before

his lectures at the morning in the AUC (American University in Cairo)

Arabic Transliteration


ماجِد: صَباح الخَيْر يا آدَم؟ كَيْف الحَال؟


M: SabaaH al-khayr ya ‘adam? Kayfa l-Haal? Majed: good morning Adam? How are things?
آدم: الحَمْدُ لِلَه؛ وَأَنْتَ كَيْفَ الحَالُ يا ماجد؟ A: al-Hamdu lil-lah. wa ‘anta kayfa l-Haal ya



Adam: I’m fine, How are you Majed?
ماجد: أَنَا بِخَيْر؛ وَلَكِنْ يَبْدُو أَنَّكَ مُرْهَق قَلِيلاً! M:‘ana bekhayr. wa laken yabduu an-naka murhaq qaliilan! Majed: I’m Fine, but it seems that you are little exhausted!


آدم: نَعَمْ يا ماجد؛ أَنَا تَعْبَان. A: naAam ya majed. ‘anaa taAbaan. Adam: Yes Majed, I’m tired.
ماجد: سَلامتك يا آَدَم! مِن ما؟!


M: salaamatk ya adam men maa?! Majed: Sorry Adam! Tired of what?!
آدَم: بسبب الشُغْل؛ فَأَنَا أَدْرُس في النّهَار؛ وَأَعْمَل في المَساء. A: besabab ash-shughl. fa’anaa ‘adrus fii an-nahaar wa ‘aAmal fii al-masaa’. Adam: Because of work. I study during the day, and I work in the evening.
ماجد: وَمَاذَا تَعْمَل؟ M: wa mathaa taAmal Majed: What do you do?


آدَم: أَعْمَل بِمَكْتَب تَرْجمَة. A: ‘aAmal bemaktab tarjama Adam: I’m working at a translation office.
ماجد: هَذَا جَيِّد! M: haThaa jay-yed! Majed: That’s good!
آدَم: نَعَم؛ عَفْوَاً ماجد؛ بَعْد إِذْنَك؛ عِنْدِي مُحَاضَرَة الآن. A: naAam, Aafwan majed, baAd iThnak. Aendii muHaaDara al’aan. Adam: Yes. Excuse me Majed. I have a lecture now.
ماجد: تَفَضَّل؛ مَعَ السَّلامَة.


M: tafaD-Dal. maAa s-salaama Majed: Okay Adam, good bye.



Arabic Transliteration English
مُرْهَق murhaq exhausted
يَبْدو yabduu it seem
أَعْمَل ‘aAmal I work
عَمَل Aamal working
الآن al’aan now
قليلاَ qaliilan little
تَرْجَمَة tarjama translation
لَكِن laken but
عَفْوَاَ Aafwan pardon / excuse me
إِذْن iThn permission
بَعْد إِذْنك baAd iThnak excuse me
مُحاضَرَة muHaaDara lecture
سلامَتك Salaamatk God bless you!
يُمْكِن أَن yumken ‘an possible to
مَعَ السّلامَة maAa s-salaama goodbye


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