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In the Restaurant (في المطعم)

In this lesson you will learn how to talk about foods in Arabic. Moreover, you will learn about present tense.

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Learn Arabic conversation and how to talk about In the Restaurant (في المطعم) in Arabic

English Arabic
Adam: Congratulation for  your success at the exam Maged! آدَمْ: مَبْروك النَجَاح في الامْتِحان يا ماجِد
Maged: God bless you, thanks Adam. ماجِد: الله يُبارِك فيك؛ شُكْراً يا آدَمْ
Adam: I’m hungry. Would you like to go for lunch now? آدَم: أَنا جَوْعان؛ هَلْ تُحِب أَن نَذْهَب لِلغَداء الآن؟
Maged: Yes; I’m very hungry too. ماجِد: نَعَم؛ وَأَنا أَيْضاً جَوعان جِداً

In the restaurant

Adam: May I have the menu please? آدم: مُمْكِن القائِمة لَوْ سَمَحْتِ؟
Waitress: Here you are. النَادِلة: تَفَضّلوا


Looking at the menu

Adam: What would you like to order Majed? آدَم: مَاذا تُحِب أَن تَطلُب يا ماجد؟


Maged: I’ll take salad, rice and chicken. ماجِد: أَخُذ سَلَطَة وَأرزْ وَدَجاج


Adam: Me too. What would you like to drink? آدَم: وَأَنا أَيْضاً؛ وَماذا تَشْرَب؟
Maged: I’ll drink orange juice. You, what would you like to drink? ماجِد: أشْرَب عَصير بُرْتُقال. وَأَنتَ؛ ماذا تَشرَب؟
Adam: coffee with milk please. Without sugar; but after eating. آدَم: مُمْكِن قَهْوَة بِحَليب. بِدُون سُكَّر؛ وَلَكِن بَعْد الأَكْل



English Arabic
restaurant مَطْعَم
congratulations مَبْروك
success نَجَاح
God bless you الله يُبارِك فيك
hungry جَوْعان
Exam امْتِحان
I eat آكُل
lunch غَداء
menu قائِمة
waiter نَادِل
I drink أَشْرب
orange بُرْتُقال
juice عصير
without بِدُون
milk لَبَن حليب
coffee قهوة
sugar سُكر
rice أُرْز
salad سَلَطة
chicken دَجَاج
meat لَحْم
fish سَمَك
after بَعْد
but لَكِن
I pay أَدْفَعْ
the bill الفاتورَة
bottle زُجاجة
water ماء / مِياه
salt مِلْح
spicy حارْ
cold بارِد
hot ساخِن
ice ثَلْج


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