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Greetings (التحية)

In this lesson you will learn some basic greetings and how to ask "How are you?" Dialogue: Adam meets an old high school friend, Mahmoud. They haven't seen each other for a long time The most common greeting in Arabic is the phrase "as-salaamu Aalaykum", which means literally, "May peace be upon you". The most common reply is "wa Aalaykum as-salaam", which means literally, "And upon you peace". But, as you can see in the above phrases, to learn a language you must also learn its culture, because the literal or direct translation may not immediately make sense.

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English Arabic
Adam: Welcome Mahmoud! آدَم: السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم؛ مَرْحَباً مَحْمود
Mahmoud: Hello Adam! مَحمود: وَعَلَيْكُم السَّلام؛ أَهْلاَ وَسَهْلاً يا آدَم
Adam: How are you? آدَم: كَيْفَ الْحَال؟
Mahmoud: I’m doing well. And you. How are you? مَحْمود: الحَمْدُ لِله. وَأَنْتَ: كَيْفَ الْحَال ؟
Adam: Fine. I’m doing well. Thanks. آدَم:الحَمْدُ لِله. أَنَا بِخَير. شُكْراً


English Arabic
peace السَّلام
Peace be upon you! السَّلام عَلَيْكُم
and وَ
and upon you peace وَعَلَيْكُم السَّلام
how? كَيْف؟
how are you? كَيْفَ الْحَال ؟
condition الْحَال
I / I’m أنا
you (for male) أَنْتَ
you (for female) أَنْتِ
praise الحَمْد
Thanks to God الحَمْدُ لِله
good خَيْر
I’m fine أنا بِخَير
welcome مَرْحَباً
hi أَهْلاً
hello أَهْلاً وَسَهْلاً
Hey Adam يا آدَم

Speak the words set:

The most common greeting in Arabic is the phrase “as-salaamu Aalaykum” which means literally “may peace be upon you”. And the most common reply is “wa Aalaykum as-salaam“, which means literally “and upon you peace”.

But as you see in the above phrases, to learn a language, you have to learn its culture, because literal or direct translation doesn’t make sense when you speak that language.

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The same thing in “SabaaH el-khayr” = good morning, and the response of it, which is “Sabaah en-nuur” while “nuur” means literally ” light”, but this is the way how Arabs greet each others, simply means: if you greet me using good words, so I have to greet you using better words!.

Also there is no specific word for greeting in the afternoon. You can use simply either “as-salaamu Aalaykum” at anytime, or “masaa’ el-khayr” for the afternoon as well.

Arabic Transliteration English
صَباحْ SabaaH Morning
صَباح الخَيْر SabaaH el-khayr Good morning
مَساء masaa’ Evening
مَساء الخَيْر masaa’ el-khayr Good evening
صَباح الْنّور SabaaH en-nuur Response for good morning
مَساء الْنّور masaa’ en-nuur Response for good evening
نور nuur Light
نَهار nahaar Daytime
لَيل layl Night
لَيْلة layla One night
يَوْم yawm Day
أيَّام ‘ay-yaam Days
الْيَوْم al-yawm Today
الْـ al The (Definite article attached to the words).
مَعَ السَّلامَة maAa as-salaama Go with peace
لَيْلَة سَعيدة layla saAiida Good night
سَعِيد/ سَعِيدة saAiid/saAiida happy
تُصْبِح عَلَى خَيْر tuSbeH Aalaa khayr Wake up in a good condition

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