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At the Supermarket? (في السوق /في البقالة)

Learn what to say at the supermarket and about One of the essential structures of Arabic is (IDaafa) which consists of two or more nouns are put together to make a possession. Dialogue: Sara went to the supermarket to buy some of her needs.

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Learn Arabic conversation and how to talk about At the Supermarket? (في السوق /في البقالة)in Arabic

English Arabic
Sara: Excuse me, where can I find the cheese, please? سارة: عَفوَاً, أين أجِد الجُبْن مِن فَضْلِك
Clerk: Yes miss, it’s there in the dairy section, at the end of this corridor.


المُوَظَّف: نَعَمْ يا آنسة؛ هُناك في قِسْم الألْبان؛ في آخِر هَذا المَمَرّ
Sara: Thanks. سارة: شُكْراً
Clerk: Is there anything else you want?


المُوَظّف: هَلْ تُريدينَ أَيّ شَيْء آخَر؟
Sara: Yes, can you also tell me where to find the shampoo? سارة: نعم؛ هَلْ مِن المُمْكِن أَنْ تَقول لي أَيْضاً أيْن الشّامبو؟
Clerk: Sure, it’s at the health and beauty supplies in aisle 4.


الموظف: أَكيد. عِنْد رُكْن العِنايَة بالصّحَة وأَدَوات التّجْميل في المَمَرّ 4
Sara: Thanks a lot. سارة: شُكْراً جِداً
Clerk: You’re welcome, have a nice day. المُوَظّف: نَهارك سَعيد


English Arabic
market/ super market سُوق
where أيْن
 I find أَجِد
possible مُمْكِن
Is it possible to هَلْ مِن المُمْكِن؟
cheese جُبْن
clerk مُوَظّف
department / section قِسْم
dairy اَلْبان
corridor / aisle مَمَرّ
anything أيّ شَيْء
I want أُريد
else آخَر
beauty تجْميل
happy / nice day نهار سَعيد
Health الصّحَة
supplies أَدَوات

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