Arabic Alphabet: How to Read & Write It


Arabic writing is an alphabetic script, based upon distinct characters, adjoined to other characters, which almost look like the English cursive way of writing, but Arabic is written from right to left, not left to right.

The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters, 3 of which have vowel qualities, but it’s not fair to say that they are 28 letters. In fact they are only 15 shapes and dots, these dots play an essential role in distinguishing the difference between the shapes.

The following Arabic letters do not have any correspondence in the Latin alphabet. For example: kh (equals German ch), gh (a softer version of kh).

cayn (guttural stop, but clearly pronounced from the back of the throat), th (as in English).

dh (softer version of th), sh (as in English) and strong and emphasized versions of the letters t, d, s, z, h.

One letter, called hamza, is not even pronounced, other than as a glottal stop.

In transcriptions it is marked with a ‘ only.

Read the Arabic alphabet below paying attention to the pronunciation.


Arabic alphabet

Arabic alphabet

Arabic Alphabet Song

The Arabic Letters Short Vowels

Arabic is written from right to left, each Arabic letter has three ways of being pronounced and this is determined by the vowel that is above or below that letter.

For example: The letter – alif

  • If there is a slash above ( اَ ); this slash known as Fat-Ha.
  • If the slash is below ( اِ ); this is known as Kasra.
  • If a mark which looks like an apostrophe is used ( اُ ); we call this Damma, meaning it is pronounced with that short vowel
The Arabic Letters Short Vowels

Arabic Alphabet Short Vowels

Arabic Alphabet Short Vowels

Arabic Alphabet Short Vowels

Arabic Alphabet Short Vowels

Arabic Alphabet Short Vowels

Modern Standard Arabic

MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) has become the most popular dialect and is now spoken and used by all of the Arab countries.

The core of Arabic writing that is used today comes from the classical Arabic which is principally defined as the Arabic used in the Qur’an and in the earliest form of literature from the Arabian Peninsula.

Two Important Facts about Arabic Language

The First is that any language has a vast wealth of vocabulary, but do we need to learn that vast amount to be able to communicate in a language?

Of course not! Just 20% of the words in a language make up to 80% of the conversations we face in our daily life. You may not be speaking like a native immediately, but you’ll have a solid base and the ability to keep improving and developing yourself. This method is suitable for everyone from frequent travellers to first timers, as well as language students and enthusiasts.

So, this book focuses on the vital 20% that will help you speak Arabic interactively and dynamically.

The second point and this is a really exciting fact. The Arabic language uses word roots, for example we can take one root like (KTB) from the word (KaTaBa) which means “he wrote” and from there conjugate all Arabic verb tenses. Nouns can also be made from the same root because they have a relation with it.

KaaTeB= writer,                KeTaab= book,                        maKTaB= office, maKTaBa= library,                                     ma KToob = letter & written,                                   and more.

Arabic grammar is fairly simple compared to Western languages, but the Arabic language itself has a richness in its vocabulary that exceeds most languages in the Western world.

Variations of the Arabic Language

Like any other language, spoken Arabic has some dialects with variations and differences. The differences between these dialects are incomprehensible from one to the other, and can be referred to as five main dialects divided according to their regions.


The Maghreb dialect is spoken in the region of the Maghreb countries, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Maritain, and Morocco.


The Egyptian dialect is used in Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, and some western parts of Saudi Arabia. It is the most widely understood colloquial dialect across the Arab world, because almost 93% of Arabic Movies, TV, and Media use the Egyptian dialect.


The Levantine dialect comes from and is used in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordon and Syria.

The Gulf

The Gulf dialect is spoken in the Arabic Gulf Countries, which are made up by Iraq, Kuwait, most of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman.

Arabic Alphabet Flashcards with Audio

Arabic Alphabet Memory Game

Arabic is considered one of the most alive, important and beautiful languages in the world. This Arabic Alphabet website uses an extremely stimulating, logical and easy way to help you learn from the very beginning.  In any language, speaking appears to be the most fundamental aspect for a lot of people.  From the start of this platform, you will be introduced to the basics of speaking and pronunciation, using a simple format that allows everyone to speak Arabic in a natural way.  The platform will then continue to develop your new skills by enabling you to understand and heighten your ability to read, listen to and write this amazing language.

Arabic is a Semitic language and is the formal and official language of 22 Arab countries. It is also the spoken language of almost 420 million people living in Arabic and non Arabic countries.

This platform will teach you the basics of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is the modernization of the Classical Arabic structures, as well as additions from the main dialects spoken all over the Arab world.

Learn Arabic Culture Notes 

Ongoing Arabic Culture Notes in every Arabic lesson

Learning any language goes together with learning its culture. That’s why when you learn Arabic online you better read more about the culture of it. For example, the most common greeting in Arabic is the phrase “as-salaamu Aalaykum” which means literally “may peace be upon you”. And the most common reply is “wa Aalaykum as-salaam“, which means literally “and upon you peace”.

But as you see in the above phrases, to learn a language, you have to learn its culture, because literal or direct translation doesn’t make sense when you speak that language.

The same thing in “SabaaH el-khayr” = good morning, and the response of it, which is “Sabaah en-nuur” while “nuur” means literally ” light”, but this is the way how Arabs greet each others, simply means: if you greet me using good words, so I have to greet you using better words!.

Also there is no specific word for greeting in the afternoon. You can use simply either “as-salaamu Aalaykum” at anytime, or “masaa’ el-khayr” for the afternoon as well.

To ask someone: “What’s your name?” simply say: “maa esmuka?” to a man, or “maa esmuke?” to a woman. Word by word: “maa” means: (what) and (your) is a possessive pronoun, which consists of (you = ‘anta or ‘ante) with adding of “ka or ke” to give the meaning of “esmuka” for a man or “esmuke” for a woman. Remember that Arabic doesn’t express (is, are, or am) and there are two forms of you: “‘anta” to a man and “‘anti” to a woman.

Arabic is like English. It has two sets of personal pronouns: subject and possessive pronouns. There is some overlap among these sets. However, Arabic has more pronouns than English (Formal Arabic has separate categories for masculine and feminine and dual pronouns for sets of two, these are not used in most varieties of spoken Arabic). Here you will learn the following most commonly used subject pronouns in spoken Arabic:

The response for this question is: “my (possessive pronoun) + name” which equal in Arabic “esm + ii“.

How to ask: “Where are you from?” simply say “men ‘ayn ‘anta” to a man as we mentioned above or “‘ante” to a woman.

There are other different forms for speaking to two people or to three or more, but do not worry about that for now!

At the end of the dialogue you have learned how to speak friendly to any one and how you can use a useful phrase like “nice to meet you”, which means “furSa saAiida” or “tashar-rafna“.

The Secret About How to Learn Arabic Alphabet Uncovered

You should write the letters a couple of times each to receive a feeling in their opinion. See whether you can determine the letters. You just need to click the letter. Arabic letters change shape in accordance with their place in a word. The initial one might be the Arabic Letter Matching game.

Arabic has many diverse dialects which span many diverse places, therefore it’s vital that you pick one. Arabic is the language of a huge portion of our planet. In fact, he has a great influence in most of the languages in our present times. Boasting more than 300 million speakers across the globe, he is considered to be a universal language and is currently experiencing amazing growth. It’s quite evident that the Arabic is among the most commonly spoken and written languages around the world. Arabic is among the most spoken languages on earth with over 200 million speakers. The previous one that I’d like to mention here is Levantine Arabic.

With just a little practice, you will learn how to recognize and compose the Arabic Alphabet in almost no time! The Arabic alphabet is really a whole lot simpler to learn than you could think. It is really quite simple to learn, as long as you have a dedicated teacher right there to help you through the whole process. It is given below. Learning the Egyptian alphabet is extremely important because its structure is utilized in everyday conversation. After you’ve mastered the entire alphabet, commit to writing it out in its entirety at least one time every day, for a minumum of one month.

Vowels are written initially, followed by consonants. 1 vowel composed of a horizontal line will be put underneath the consonant, while vowels comprising a vertical line is going to be placed to the right. The rest of the vowels follow precisely the same pattern. You’ve now covered all of the basic vowels. An additional note, you will observe some consonants doubled up. You also know some of the consonants in Korean also. You will find a lot of consonants sound like a light d sound if they’re at the conclusion of a word.

Whichever dialect you’re searching to speak, you are going to find it taught here. Several of the dialects are extremely different from standard Arabic. There are many dialects of Arabic. There are various Arabic dialects. Languages are usually enjoyable. If you wish to learn more concerning the Arabic language and the Arabic culture we ask you to stop by the Books page. Learning Arabic language can open a completely different world in their opinion.

All you have to do is copy the word that you’d love to translate and you will find an instantaneous translation in your notifications bar. All it requires is memorizing 15 words per day. In reality, learning isolated words isn’t sufficient for learning Arabic, or any language for this matter.

Even just learning the fundamentals of the alphabet will make it possible for you to get started recognizing simple Arabic words, and it’ll feel great! First you are going to learn the principles of the language. Within the next lesson you’ll learn the fundamentals of Arabic grammar. The lessons are clearly structured and can help you achieve your aims. In truth, it is his favourite course. If you would like to take a course to increase your English, you will find a face-to-face or internet course provided by one of our language schools near you. When learning Arabic, the very best plan of action is to tackle its more difficult facets of pronounciation initially before moving onto grammar and finally onto writing.

Arabic speakers sometimes do not even distinguish between both languages and at times don’t make the distinction. A number of the sounds could be difficult to distinguish for English speakers. It’s true, you could begin learning how to speak Arabic using the phonetic sounds in the alphabet you already know. You’re presently a master at vowels. Students will require a headset with microphone. Every student has a different means of learning just as different professors have various methods of teaching. For such folks, online classes to learn Arabic alphabet is the best selection.

At the conclusion of a word, it’s almost like you don’t say the character. As you start to learn all the various characters, you will observe how to construct the syllables properly based on which character you’re using. The very first character is It has a few variations. The script is composed mostly of consonants.

You’re able to check our Learn Arabic page for different lessons. As soon as you’ve chosen which vocabulary list you wish to memorize, it’s possible to rapidly learn Arabic using a Spaced Repetition System. For the Arabic language, it is possible to readily find a list with, for instance, 500 words.

Islamic calligraphy is the one of forms of calligraphy that is genuinely alive today, with regard to popularity. Arabic calligraphy on the opposite hand has a wide variety of writing styles. Arabic is a huge ocean and I aspire to express the tools and framework you must construct your boat and commence sailing.