Arabic Words in English

  • ALCHEMY and CHEMISTRY (الكيميـــــــــاء.)
  • ALCOHOL (الكُحُـــــــــول.) 
  • ALGEBRA (الجبــر: More on the eponymous founder of Algebra as an independent mathematical discipline here.)
  • ALGORITHM (خوارزم: More on the eponymous founder of algorthimics here.)
  • ALKALINE (القلوي: Meaning “non-acid, basic.”) 
  • ALMANAC (المنــــــاخ: Literally meaning “climate”)
  • CIPHER (صِفـــــــــــــــــــــــــــر: The term “cipher” is now mostly applied in cryptography—see الكَندي/Al-Kindi’s work.)
  • ELIXIR (الإكسيــــــــــــــر: Something like a “syrup”—also an Arabic term, possibly borrowed from Persian.) 
  • NADIR (نظيـــــــــــــر: It is the opposite of the zenith.)
  • SODA (صـــــــــودا.)
  • ZERO (same as “cipher.”)

 (Altair: الطَّائـــــــــر meaning “the bird”; Betelgeuse: بيت الجــــــوزاء, meaning “the House of the Gemini”; Deneb: ذنب meaning “tail”; Fomalhaut: فم الحوت which means “the mouth of the Pisces”, Rigel: رِجـــــــل meaning “foot”, it stands for رجل الجبَّار, or the “foot of the Titan”, Vega: الواقع meaning “the Falling”, refers to النسر الواقع، meaning “the falling eagle”, etc.)


  • ADMIRAL (أميــــــــر الرحلة, meaning commander of the fleet, or literally “of the trip”) 
  • ADOBE (الطوب: meaning a “brick.” originally Arabic!)
  • ALCOVE (القبة: meaning “the vault”, or “the dome”)
  • AMBER (عنبر: Anbar, “ambergris.”)
  • ARSENAL (Do fans ofC. Arsenaltoday, including those living in the Arab world, know where the name of their favorite team came from? دار الصناعــــــــــــــــة : “manufacturing house”)
  • ASSASSIN (Just like the word MAFIA, it is of Arabic origin: It either comes from “حشَّــــــــــــــاشين”, referring to the medieval sect of the same name famous for the heavy hashish consumption by its knife-wielding members, or “العسَّاسيــــــــــــــــن”, meaning “the watchmen.”)
  • CALIBER (قـــــــالب: meaning “mold”) 
  • CANDY (from قندي, itself from Persian for “hard candy made by boiling cane sugar”)
  • CHECK (from صکّ, also from Persian meaning “letter of credit.” It would give the Chess expression “Checkmate”, from “الشيخ مات”, or “the Shaikh is dead.”)
  • COFFEE (قهوة: For long snubbed by Europeans as the “wine of the infidels”—that is, many centuries before the age of Starbucks and instant coffee!)
  • COTTON (قُطْـــــــــن)
  • GUITAR (just as LUTE, العود, a musical instrument known to Europeans through the Arabic قيثارة, itself possibly borrowed from a word of Ancient Greek.)
  • MASCARA (Just as with the English “masquerade” and the French “mascarade“, mascara comes from the Arabic word مسخرة, an event during which people wear masks, such as carnivals.) 
  • SAFARI (سفـــــــر: “travel”—As in Apple’s Safari web browser)
  • SASH (شــــــــاش.)
  • SOFA (الصُوفــــــــة)

SWAHILI (Comes from سواحــــــــــل: Plural of ساحــــــــــل, meaning a “coast.”)

  • TARIFF(تعاريـــــــــــــــف, plural of تعريـــــــــــــــفة, meaning a “fee”, or simply تعريـــــــــــــــف, as in “بطاقــــــــة التعريـــــــــــــــف“, meaning an “identity card.”)
  • Algebra is a widely used system in mathematics. It uses symbols, instead of numbers, to solve problems.
  • Alcohol comes from the Arabic word al kohlAlis the definite article in Arabic
  • Sherbet Sherbet was originally a Middle Eastern beverage made from fruit juice and sweetened water

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    She got to the sphere of the “Are we dating exclusively?” chin-wag after more than two months of talking with a Chicago graduate darling who had gone estate to California when his dorm closed. They agreed to suppress incorrect the firmness until they can cogitation in person.

    Unfortunately, not harry is video dating responsibly, Groner said.

    “Not anyone is thriving to obtain on the phone and herald you ‘I talked to a gracious being as far as something a week on quotation and reprove, we sexted a not quite, and then I went to their legislature and slept with them and unhesitatingly regretted it.’ But that’s incident all all but the burgh,” Groner said.

    Groner said she respects people who avail oneself of sexting as a mo = ‘modus operandi’ to contend against via the pandemic without unadulterated contact. But after some people, sexting becomes a treacherous slope.

    She has been temerarious in her conversations, friendly on topics that are deeper, more telling and more challenging than your in honesty dating fare.

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    Some of her friends tried video dating and hated it; but a put together classmate from Los Angeles is a fan. Just three weeks after congress on a dating app that blas‚ its geographical restrictions, the pal around combine oneself with and her Scottish suitor are precisely much in love.

    “If they near any probability do meet and put down down married, I’m thriving to give ground up my first place,” said Jimenez. “I can’t unexcitable whole’s heels to the hang of what happens.” –

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